Data updates in Community Insight

Happy 2018! With this new year comes brand new indicators, along with a number of updated indicators too.

New metadata Calculations

At Community Insight we’re continually developing our product, and we rely on input from our users. Some feedback we received from you was that you’d like to see more detailed metadata. Well, we’re pleased to say that we have updated our metadata structure so you can now see more clarity on the calculations used to derive the indicators.

For example, take the dataset ‘Unemployment benefit’. Previously you would have seen the description:

Shows the proportion of people receiving Jobseekers Allowance (JSA). JSA is payable to people under pensionable age who are out of work and available for, and actively seeking, work of at least 40 hours a week. Universal Credit data is not currently included in the counts.

We now have extra text to show the calculation, which in this case is:

Rate calculated as = (Jobseekers Allowance claimants (monthly))/(Population aged 16-64)*100

To see an indicator’s metadata, once the dataset is overlaid on the map click ‘info’ and then ‘about the indicator’. For more details see our help article, here.

New datasets

We’re always looking for new datasets to add into Community Insight that can support you in better understanding your communities. This month we’re very excited to bring you several new datasets!

Sport England have provided us with 3, courtesy of their Small Area Estimates survey:

  • People physically active (at least 150 minutes per week in the past month)
  • People not physically active (less than 30 mins activity in the past month)
  • Participation in physical activity at least twice in the last month

Please note:

  • Community Insight Scotland and Community Insight Wales will not have access to the Sport England indicators

This is modelled, local level (MSOA) data that can help you understand the diversity of participation in sport and other activities in their local area. Have a look at their overview of the survey and more information about the data modelling process, here.

We’ve also included some very interesting data on personal debt:

  • Mortgage debt per household
  • Personal debt (unsecured loans) per person aged 18+

The data is from UK Finance, who publish detailed figures for loan balances by postcode sector across mortgages, unsecured personal loans and SME loans. (We haven’t included SME data for now – but please let us know if this would be a useful addition!). In order to add personal debt to Community Insight, we have modelled the data to Output Areas, using apportioning based on population for personal debt data and number of households for mortgage debt data. For more information about how you might want to use these datasets, take a look at our blog post, here.

To add these new datasets to Community Insight, head to ‘group admin’, ‘manage indicators’ and then ‘unassigned’ to drag and drop the indicator into a theme. (If you have not customised your themes yet, click ‘start managing your indicators’, then head to unassigned). For more detail, see our knowledge base article on how to do this, here.

Data for your areas for Scotland

Data for your areas is now fully functioning for Community Insight Scotland. For details on how to use this feature, see our knowledge base article, here.

Data updates

There are also a number of datasets that have been updated in Community Insight:

  • Children and young people in out-of-work families (includes families claiming Universal Credit)
  • All crime datasets (we now use 12 month rolling average for maps and the dashboard as well the reports)

Updates to the monthly Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) data

The monthly data on unemployment from the DWP is being published a little later than usual this month. It will be published by the DWP early next week, we will then update it in Community Insight. This updated data will be live by the end of w/c 22nd January.

The reports will also reflect the above data updates by the end of w/c 22nd January.

Update (26/01/2018) The monthly data on unemployment from the DWP is now updated in Community Insight on the maps and reports.

Current indicators available within Community Insight

Current indicators available within Community Insight. To see a list of all of the current indicators available in Community Insight and also a list of the most recent round of updates check out this Knowledge Base article.

If you have any questions about the new data updates, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on or give us a call on 01273 810270.