New Land Registry data provides additional level of insight and business intelligence for your organisation

Effective asset management is a crucial aspect of housing association business models. Community Insight is now equipped better than ever, to support you in identifying ownership and location of social housing in your local areas.

We have recently added in-depth information on the social housing providers active in your neighbourhood areas. This is based upon the extensive ‘Commercial and corporate ownership’ data from Land Registry. We have cleaned and filtered this data using intelligent matching algorithms, so that we can accurately identify  the residential properties within your Community Insight stock groups.

This is a significant upgrade to the My Patch feature on Community Insight, which had previously been based upon the CORE Lettings Database (obtained through a Freedom of Information request). This was the best data available at the time, but is now superseded by data provided by Land Registry.

What is so special about the Land Registry data?

  • More up to date – Crucial if to be used to make high level strategic decisions for the organisation.
  • More fine-grained – The CORE Lettings Database was based upon the postcode sector (e.g. BN1), rather than geocoded by the entire postcode (e.g. BN1 4GQ). Therefore, you can understand other housing provider activity in your neighbourhoods far more accurately with the new data.
  • Based on total stock – Rather than lettings as previously was the case with CORE lettings database. The principal benefit of this, is that lettings are only recorded when there is turnover in housing stock ; many properties will not have changed hands over that period so would not have been included in the CORE lettings data.
  • Intelligent matching algorithms – We have spent considerable time matching properties to their housing providers (including Housing Association Groups with subsidiary organisations), to provide you with an accurate and reliable source of data that can be used to inform and influence decisions.

You can access the new Land Registry data for your areas by clicking on the “My Patch” feature on Community Insight. For more details on how to use this feature, please take a look at our series of Knowledge Base articles.

The Land Registry commercial ownership data gives Community Insight users an additional level of insight and business intelligence about the communities you work in. During the turbulent times that housing associations are facing, this is vital information to help you better identify challenges and opportunities presented by other social housing assets in your areas. Think how access to this information could give you competitive advantage when engaging with mergers or stock swaps or how useful it could be for identifying partners for shared services.

This latest update makes Community Insight an even more robust strategic decision making tool, with practical applications across your whole business.

For more details on how to access and use this data, take a look at the Community Insight Knowledge Base  and if you are at the CIH conference this week, look out for the HACT team, who will be launching this new feature and running demos for you.