Mapping house price data

Following the Land Registry making price-sold data available, we have now added to Community Insight a range of house price indicators. We have taken the Land Registry’s data for individual transactions and mapped them as average prices in each geographical area, averaged over a 12-month period.

To make the data more useful we have a number of indicators, which calculate the averages for different categories of homes:

  • Average house price for detached houses
  • Average house price for flats
  • Average house price for semi-detached houses
  • Average house price for terraced houses

Users can find these new indicators amongst all the rest of the data that are available for mapping, within the housing theme.

The addition of house price data was prioritised by the Community Insight user group; housing providers are keen to make use of this exciting new source of Open Data to gain another important set of insights into the areas where they work.

As well as these new datasets that you have access to, as ever we have been keeping the data in Community Insight up to date with the latest releases of various indicators, including this month updates to several benefits datasets.