Updated data and improved support

We have just gone live with the next release of Community Insight, with updated data and improved support for using the tool.

Data updates: DWP benefit datasets published just before Easter are live on the system, in the reports and interactive maps. The data on unemployment, low income, poor health and disability, and older people social care benefits is now available for August 2012 (the latest data available), with the monthly unemployment claimant count data for Feb 2013.

Support centre and knowledge base: The support centre brings together all the support resources for using Community Insight, including the user guide, frequently asked questions, video tutorials, and the knowledge base. Once you’re logged-in, you can also use the ‘Support’ link on the main menu-bar.

Support videos: We have added more video tutorials showing how to use and manage your Community Insight account. These are linked from the relevant pages, as well as from the support centre. The 2 latest videos added are:


We have an ambitious schedule of new features to be added over the next few months and we’ll be updating this blog with information on the new features, so check back to see what is new.

And as always, do get in touch with any comments or feedback.